Can you handle the cute?

Go and get your insulin…

Victoria and Cindy snuggling:

Bottle-feeding the baby:

Oh, but Mini isn’t “the baby” anymore ! Latte, largely by rolling and pressing herself against the ground, rather than the usual contractions, delivered a little fancy boy this afternoon:

He’s 6.75 kilos, and yes, one of his ears (which are HUGE, by the way) is inside out. We expect it will come right over the next few days, but in the meantime, OMG is it silly-looking:

Hitting the Bottle

So, in the “nothing is going to be easy this summer” department- it seems Princess Caraboo (AKA Boo) is not produc ing enough milk. Miniya kpept losing weight. It is normal for a newborn to lose weight the first 2 or 3 days, but on day 4 she was still dropping, and we started giving her a supplementary bottle. Boo is producing a little milk, but not nearly enough.

We gave Boo a shot of Oxytocin, but no dramatic improvement. So for now Mini is getting 5 or 6 feeds per day from the bottle. Hopefully in the coming weeks Boo’s milk production will imrove, it is known that milk production improves around week 3, as the needs of the cria are increasing. I hope so, otherwise I will be bottle feeding her every day for the next 3 months!