I'm Certifiable

Well, more particularly, I got my Certificate of Massage Therapy in the mail last week. I finished the course back in July, but various timing snafu’s meant that the certificate was delayed in getting to me.

I must say, it was a really good course, held at the Wellington School of Massage Therapy. Quite a lot of training crammed into the 63 hours of course work. I also liked the fact that the instructor (Richard) was not overly pedantic, and was happy to show us lots of stuff beyond the scope of the course, a great way to see what else is possible.

(Though I do admit a certain fraction of the other stuff he showed to us hit my “crytal-sucker-snake-oil” button, but one of the rules of the class was in fact “I will not contest other people’s world-views.” The class participants ranger from the ultra practical rugby sports massage to much more out there ‘alternative therpy’ types.)

The WSMT is not the only school in town. There is also a massage college in Wellington, and a friend is taking courses there. It sounds like it is much more incremental and narrowly subject-focused there. That would have driven me crazy, but I think it suits her very systematic/detail-oriented personality really well. Luckily we both ended up picking the school right for our personalities.

And if you are wondering, yes, proper training kicks it up way beyond a simple “back rub.” Many of my friends have back problems- a life of sitting at computers in stressful jobs will do that. Or leftovers of injuries. Or other physiological issues.

Case in point, at Canterbury Faire I worked on a friends’ neck for 10 minutes a night for 4 consecutive nights. On the fourth night she tilted her head back, and looked at the stars, then said “wow, I haven’t been able to do that for 10 years.”

It’s nice to be able to help. Plus putting a tip jar out at CF earned me a few dollars.

No surprise that many people seem happy to contribute towards me buying a proper massage table of my own.