Good News, rural style

On Tuesday afternoon our neighbor across the valley shot 2 dogs.

Dog attacks started about 12 weeks ago. AT first it was the odd ewe or lamb that went missing. ABout 4 weeks ago the frequency and severity really stepped up. Large groups, all torn apart.

Seven neighbors lost sheep to these attacks. Another had his pet tethered goat mauled.

Probably the only thing that saved us from attack was the surrounding buffer zone of (tasty, tasty) sheep. We could have easily have been looking at a dozen dead alpaca one morning.

The dogs were microchipped. They found the two owners. They admitted their dogs would go off wandering. One even admitted his dog came back covered with blood on occasion!?!

If only we could shoot the owners, too, in these circumstances. How long before they get more “big, tough dogs that make them feel like a man” and let them wander.

But for now the danger has passed. That is good.

Also, it is raining. That is *very* good!