Last night I finished the first draft of “Blindspot”, my first novel.

At 172,000 words it came out longer than I was expecting. And considering that my first-read editor (Tam) keeps wanting me to add material (my prose, especially early-on, was painfully sparse) I can only expect the total will grow a bit.

Currently I have no sense of exultation, or anything of the like. That might be because I know I now have a few frenetic weeks of editing and rewriting ahead of me. No time for slacking off.

Then a draft goes out to my first lucky outside readers. When they are done I will visit them in their new institutional homes and endeavor to gather reviews from their newly-mad ravings.

Gotta get this one done, so I can start on the next!

Edit: The plan at this point is to edit like mad for the next ~2 weeks, then an early reading-draft goes out to about a half dozen volunteers- people who I know tend to devour books quickly. Based on their feedback I engage in another round of editing, then hopefully a second round of different reader reviews. I have the semi-hard deadline of September, which is when I told Delia I’d have a readable draft for her.