I think that’s the best term for how I’m feeling right now.

This weekend I discovered a teesie-weensie problem in version 1.4 of my book. Or more accurately, Stefano pointed the problem out to me.

It’s missing an entire chapter.

Somehow Ch 14 got dropped during the formatting, I don’t know how.

Version 1.4 is the version that I’ve sent to the most people, including the professional author in the US who read and commented on the book. At least a dozen people have read v1.4.

And nobody noticed an entire missing chapter. A chapter that sets up the final action of the book. A chapter that is one of my favourites.

What does people not noticing the absence mean? Is my book so riddled with unexplained discontinuities that skipping an entire chapter is no better or worse than the rest of the prose? Or perhaps is speaks more generally ill of the SF genre, and what is considered an “allowed” level of continuity error?

In any case, it has done my head in rather severely.

If anyone out there would like the corrected, v 1.5 of the book (now with Chapter 14! Woo!), please drop me an email.