Spring is bustin’ out

Here’s this year’s cohort (photos by Stephen!):

MAGOTHY and mother Marlett:



FOXACID and mother San Serif:




ESCHELON with big sister Suleluri in the foreground and mother Svalinn in the background.  That’s FOXACID’s butt to the right (they’re already playing together) and various others in the background.  One of the two remaining geese is the speck back left.



It’s the first time we’ve had one of these born here !  Very cool !  The mare is Rosie, being looked after by our grazer, whose own mare is due to give birth in another couple months.  Then we’ll have TWO baby horsies ! (Something about this little guy makes me twelve again).


It’s actually kind of startling how disproportioned they look at first.  Check out those legs.


2 thoughts on “Spring is bustin’ out

  1. carol hamilton says:

    Love the pictures. We need more of your farm life as well as your remodel.

  2. Jennifer in NC says:

    Baby alpaca in a vest! Too cute!

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