Been a bit full-on

I see that the last post was the “this year’s babies” post…  Spring, with shearing, matings and birthings is our “silly season”.  After that, we usually have the big camping event down south, with the frantic period of prep as we try to get stuff finished off around the farm, and try to get projects finished for the trip itself.

Then this year, when we got back from down south, we got hit with the news that the New Zealand Transport Agency wants to build a new highway literally through the middle of our farm.

Cue several months of crash up-skilling ourselves on the Wellington regional roading network, national and international motoring trends,  assorted traffic modeling tools and analysis, regional resilience plans, etc.

The good news is that the road they want to build is actually a dumb road, and there are better roads they could build (and/or upgrade) to solve the problems they are supposed to solve.  The bad news is that because this is a well-funded government bureaucracy, that might not matter.

In the middle of this, my mother and her partner came to visit, which was the expected mix of additional stress and genuine fun.  We had a lovely little trip up north.

I’ve had to build a new PC.  I will probably get it dual-booting Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint.  We’re shifting to new herd management software as well.

AND we bought in a new stud alpaca from Australia.

AND Stephen was a guest speaker at the Australian alpaca conference.

AND we’re putting in photo-voltaics and starting (finally) the build on the new barn.

AND my job is being restructured out of existence, so I need to get a new one.

So yeah, busy.

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  1. Jennifer in NC says:

    More farm pictures, please?

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