Greetings from Wellywood

I’ve just returned from my lunchtime meander and can say that Wellington right now is, indeed, a mad, marvelous carnival.

The weather is absolutely perfect – near 70 degrees, perfectly sunny, with a light northerly to keep the sun from getting too intense. My primary goal this midday – apart from admiring the crowds lined up along the parade route – was some vitamin E in gel caps for the worst of our sunburned bits. I managed to scoot across Willis Street to the pharmacy just ahead of the truck full of workers setting out the barricades. It’s still pretty clear up at this end of the route, apart from the generally elevated numbers of people, but down at Courtenay Place it’s an absolute zoo. They’ve got the grandstands up and the carpet out, and the barricades are lined with fans five-deep. The street in front of our old apartment is lined with media trucks, and all the little parklets and courtyards are full of crowds and buskers.

Someone somewhere is making a killing on plastic elf-ears – even some of the security teams in their yellow safety vests are wearing them. There are plenty of “WE (heart) YOU ORLANDO!” banners, interspersed occasionally with similar sentiments for the other actors/characters. Most disturbing, perhaps, were the “Gollum 4EVAH” banners, including such gems as “Marry Me Gollum” painted in Dwarven runes (why, exactly ?), and “Smeagol I’m Pregnant”. (brrr)

Ran into Emily again, dutifully maintaining her position at the barricade. My coworkers are planning to head out to Willis to watch the parade, so there may be another report later.

3 thoughts on “Greetings from Wellywood

  1. Bill Brickman says:

    70 degrees C? Yowtch! OK, I knew that wasn’t what you meant.

    We’re in that bad bit in Boston just before the Solstice where it’s dark at 4:15pm. The light is in that sinking sun raky position by 2:30pm. Light! Need Light!!

    And it’s not 70 degrees F either. More like 30 with a wind chill lower. Ah well, I’ll make up for it in June.

  2. First snow hit in Boston last night. Not a lot, but its there.

    I thought the Gollum signs were odd at first, but people still buy Michael Jacksons albums and probably send him fan letters. So looks, personality, and sanity don’t count for a lot with some people. :\

  3. Jude says:

    Not a lot of snow, but just enough so that ALL THE STUPIDEST DRIVERS ON THE ROAD COULD TIE UP EVERY MAJOR HIGHWAY by spinning out on black ice and causing pileups. Took me fricking FOUR HOURS to get from Leominster to Cambridge this morning, and then I had to turn right around and run out to Belmont for an interview! I’ve spent enough time in the car today to get all the way to freaking Delaware! Argh!

    70 degrees… you suck!

    This whiny bitching is brought to you by the letters “J” and “M”.

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