I did, in fact, make it to the parade. A handful of us hopped out at 3:30 and caught it as it went down Willis (a block inland from my building). Very, very cool. A Maori troop in the lead a brass band playing the theme music at the end, and in between the stars in vintage convertibles interspersed with orderly mobs of folks in costumes from the films.

It’s a measure of my geekness that I got a far bigger kick out of seeing the costumes go by than the stars, and they had a good representative chunk of most of the groups: Hobbits, Elves (though I think they put the Rivendell and Lorien Elves together), orcs, Uruk-Hai, the Black Riders, Rohirrim on foot and horse, likewise Gondorians mounted, on foot, *and* the Rangers, the Southrons, the Easterlings, and troops of everybody from the previous battle against Sauron — the Elves, the Numenoreans, etc. all armed and armored. Big Fun.

Pretty sure I recognized several of the faces under the helmets from the various re-creation groups at the Faire this past weekend, and Stephen informed me after that one of the Black Rider’s horses had been camped next to Pirate Camp as well — the rangy black they’d used in the stunt riding demos and as the mount of the “Messenger of the Lord of the Underworld”.

Afterwards, I dodged upstream to the train station — through the massive, massive crowd heading for the waterfront, where they were showing the rest of the Premier stuff (the speeches and interviews and etc.) and then The Two Towers on a gigantic screen. At home, two of the three broadcast channels were showing the Premier pretty much right up til 7:30, so I got to watch the interviews and stuff while we tried to get the DSL working in the dining room (the dining room currently sports our only working phone jack). No luck there yet, which is why there are still no photos.

Must call Telecom about that today, and a locksmith to get into the basement (where the former owner locked up his wine and guns — we seem to have lost the key, or else we never did get one). Also need to get the ball rolling on the solar hot water system, a new, larger water tank (our water comes from a spring, into a tank out behind the house. A small, old, leaky, mossy concrete tank that we’d like to replace with something larger and more water-containing…), and some alpacas that Willowbank Farm is selling (so that some of the stock on our land will actually belong to *us*!).

Busy, busy, busy…

2 thoughts on “Afterwards

  1. Angus says:

    You have a basement… where the previous owner kept wine and guns… that you can’t get into…

    Does this sound like the kind of situation which then goes on to involve a scream as the locksmith forces the door, slam-cuts to a load of cars with flashing lights, the revelation of a dessicated corpse and the NZ version of Grissom making a wise-ass remark before The Who start up with some appropriate song?

  2. Angus says:

    And alpacas? Cool! Camelids rock (and spit).

    Better play some “Attack of the Mutant Camels”, “Llamatron” and “Sheep in Space” to practise (,,

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