Some pics !

Okay, I’m having to sneaker-net these from my machine, which has the camera software on it, to the Pavilion, which has the modem, which is silly, but until we get the house LAN sorted out, there it is.

Here are some photos of Oak and Chris (Chris is the one with the white spots on his face). Yes, yet another Chris. At least when we say things like “Chris had fun rolling in the dust bowl by the gate” and “Chris spat green slime at us when we tried to trim his toenails”, you can (probably) assume we mean Chris-the-alpaca.

We didn’t name them, by the way; these are the names they came with. I’ll remember to ask Linda about their names at some point.

They’re very deer-like, with their fluff all short like this. We’ve since let them into the Gallop and they’ve been all frolicking and cavorting (and rolling in the dust bowl by the gate). Before that, though, they had their first encounter with the cats:

VERY fun to watch. The cats and the alpacas both were *so* curious, and yet *so* wary. The ‘pacas seem to be getting along with Molly and Dolly, our feral sheep, though. I’m wondering if our boys will teach the sheep it’s okay to come closer…

Judging by how long it takes to upload these pics over the modem (I’ll see in a minute how long it takes to download them again, and then I’ll have a better idea how badly we’ve been abusing those of you reading this through dial-up…), it may be a while before we inundate you with pics of the house and farm. Here’s a pretty one of Stephen in the little dell down behind the kennels, though. (That’s our neighbor Steve’s house in the background, not ours).

4 thoughts on “Some pics !

  1. Tam says:

    They’re a-freakin’-dorable. They’ll eat out of your hand, especially Oak, who’s in danger of becoming a real noodge.

  2. name mom says:

    I agree with Chris they are sooo cute. I can’t wait to see pointer.

  3. Jude says:

    Yet another example of how Stephen’s life is ruled by the Chris Conspiracy.

    (But, oh GODS, they’re cute.)

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