Merry Xmas!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas! We slept in after a late-night dinner (fondue!) last night at our frind Sibylie’s place. After a great breakfast we opened presents, and played with some of our new toys. Tam had a few new PS2 games that we had to give a look, and I had a new GPS which we used to start getting map coordinates for various farm features (we are very geeky).

This afternoon we went up to our neighbors Roger and Mary about 500 meters up the road for a fabulous lunch. We chatted, other neighbors came by, and fun was had by all. After stuffing outselves we came home and chopped out gorse for a few hours, before Tam felt the bloodlust call of the play station. Soul Calibur 2 will do that! Roger dropped by later in the evening with his half-brother Lex to take a look at the ‘pacas.

It’s nice that we are getting to know the neighbors. We even talked about all going in to buy a bunch of weaner calves (buy in bulk and save) which we would fatten on our various properties, then sell them all to the meat factory (1 stock turck to save on shipping). Could be interesting if it all comes together.

May you all have a great christmas, and a happy new year!

One thought on “Merry Xmas!

  1. NZ Chris says:

    That’s really cool that you have neighbours that invite themselves over.

    Happy Christmas!

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