Dancing, feasting, and goodbyes

This weekend was the MEDANZ (Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand) yearly meeting. Unfortunately our information packet went missing for awhile before hand, so Tam registered for classes late, and only got into one. But it does sound like 90-minutes of learning how to adopt Bollywood choreography to middle eastern dance was a hoot.

Saturday night what the Yalla! show. Troupes from all over the country performed. I enjoyed the show for its variety. There were all sorts of wacky fusion pieces, from south-pacific to a latin-american fan-dance, and another flamenco-like one. (I find two solid hours of cabaret style to get boring eventually.)

Sunday evening was the Hafla, with food and more dancing. Sunday night was also our chance to say goodbye to Stephanie, who left Monday to head back to LA after two years here in NZ. We were all very sad to see her go. We also wonder how long before LA drives her nuts and she longs for the calm coolness of Wellington once more.

It turned out Stephanie was not the only one departing on Monday. Helene, the woman who loaned us her possum traps and gave us basic skinning and tanning instructions, was off to a new job- a a professional rat catcher. I think her official title is something like “apprentice pest control officer.” That will be quite a carrer change, as she will now be living in huts on deserted off-shore islands, working with others to shoot, poison and trap predator species to try and save the native wildlife. Pretty cool, and right up her alley. She commented that when we see her next, she should be wearing a lovely possum-fur jacket. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dancing, feasting, and goodbyes

  1. Steve Goble says:

    When you are speechless, how do you leave a comment?

  2. Tam says:

    Good lord, where did *you* come from ?!

  3. Tam says:

    I mean, hi ! How’ve you been ? Email me !!

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