So, it looks like the stuff situation is more or less in hand. There was some urking there for a bit, because Customs wanted this permit for my knives, and the District Officer told me that although he’d sent my app in to HQ pretty much as soon as he’d got it, HQ probably wouldn’t get to it until middle of next week (it’s a long weekend here, for Queen’s Birthday. I understand the Queen’s *actual* birthday is some time in, like, August or something, but since when do any of the official B-days we observe in the US fall ontheir actual days ?). If the container wasn’t released, though, I’d get charged $60 for every day it sat on the dock, starting Saturday.

So I phoned Customs back, and they said “No problem”. They just had me come down and sign a form saying I’d set the potentially objectionable stuff aside and phone them to come take a look at it some time next week (by which point hopefully the permit will have come through). This is the cool thing about all of the bureaucracies I’ve been dealing with: none of them *actually* want to give you shit. They’re just doing their jobs. If they have to throw an obstacle at you, the next thing they do is tell you how to clear it.

There was a bit more drama towards the end of Thursday, when it looked like the shipper wasn’t going to release the container to the movers, because they’d misrouted the paperwork that said they’d been paid. But Chris, my erstwhile dance partner, tagged himself in and got it sorted before I’d even heard about it.

Upshot is: I’ve got our stuff. It all fits in the various places C&N had marked to squirrel it away into. MAF has taken away the two sets of antlers, the hunk of driftwood, the two fake styrofoam crows, a bag of feathers, and the rainstick, all of which will cost me about $25 to get fumigated. Whee ! And Chris, clever monkey that he is, kept an eye out for boxes of clothes and dance gear and stuff, so I can (once I go through them — I wish I’d been a wee bit more specific in my labelling, as five boxes all marked “Tam’s Clothes” aren’t all that helpful, really) have more than two pairs of pants and two skirts to wear to work. Huzzah !

So. Off to Molly’s for Chris’ Birthday. Pics later.

2 thoughts on “Wa-wa-wa-waltzing…

  1. Angus says:

    Hmmm… ” two fake styrofoam crows”.

    Do you have any real styrofoam crows?

    At least if I moved continent I’d just have to import my ever growing collection of old computers, games consoles, and other such crap. While I might get laughed at I shouldn’t get the tough questions, the funny looks and the torch up the backside.

    Hmm. Maybe I *should* get some dead stuff.

  2. Tam says:

    Dead stuff. And pointy stuff. Good for starting conversations. Especially with bureaucrats.

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