A ton of hungry meat

Domestication is a funny thing.

While Yvonne is away on holiday I am giving Jason, the little palamino pony, a feed supplement with magnesium to prevent laminitis. (This is when a horse goes lame due to weak hoof growth caused by magnesium deficient rapid-spring grass growth. Jason is more suceptable.)

This means I am giving a bucket of feed to one of the four horses, and the others want some. Specifically Max (the dominant cyldie-cross) and Zam (the too smart for his own good bay) want some. So while Jason eats, I get to fend off a ton of hungry meat. This involves waving my arms, swinging a lead rope, or occasionally just pushing them away. Considering the difference in mass and strength, I am lucky they are docile domestic animals, as what could I really do to stop them otherwise?

2 thoughts on “A ton of hungry meat

  1. Emily says:

    “No, no! Bad horsie!” doesn’t cut it, eh?

  2. Kerry says:

    Funnily enough, pouting and stamping your feet will work. Well, the foot stamping anyway…

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