More alpaca news

Galadriel has a cloudy eye — it started out just weepy, then clouded over, with occasional gunky eye-boogers. We went to the vet and got a tube of medicine, and instructions to basically run a line of the gel along her lower eyelid, sort of like eyeliner. Galadriel is putting up with this remarkably well, possibly because she can’t see it coming :^P. We started this Tuesday & it hadn’t improved by Thursday, so on the vet’s advice, we took a cotton ball and some warm water and went to clean the line of what we assumed was dirty mucus off her eye (we weren’t sure at first whether the cloudiness was her actual eye, or her third eyelid — it was her eye). The stringy blob of mucus turned out to be a bit of grass or clover or something, and the little leafy end had gotten stuck up under her eyelid. Bleah ! No wonder her eye was bugging her ! Hopefully it’ll come right quickly now that the irritant is removed.

The other bit of alpaca news is that somebody got their wires crossed and instead of being sent from Auckland directly to the stud’s farm in Palmerston North, our new female, Joy, ended up at Linda’s place in Pauatahanui. Oops ! So now Stephen is rushing to build a transport box to fit on the back of the ute, so we can go and pick her up this weekend. It means we’ll need to take her to our place, and then back up to Eric’s with the rest of the girls (and we’re not sure how many we’ll be able to fit in the box, so we may end up needing two trips), but I admit I’m happy to get to see her before we send them all off to get mated.

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