Truism: You don’t notice how dirty something has gotten until you accidentally make a clean spot. Slow Top barfing on the doorsill means you can now see out our windows again. Radical !

It’s been a busy weekend. Stephen may post more later, but here’s a bit anyway. Saturday was spent cleaning/tidying, and building the aforementioned alpaca transport box. These things always seem to take longer than you expect them to. Speaking of which, it took a ridiculous amount of time to convince Galadriel to come out of the big Gallop paddock so we could stick medicine in her eye (I wonder why ?). Stephen and I both think it’s interesting that Cariboo hung back to keep an eye on her, rather than join Victoria and the rest of the herd. We moved all the alpacas into the Glen paddock, the smallest one close to the house, so there’s less territory to chase her around.

Sunday, we got up a bit early to do some more last-minute cleaning, then went to pick up Stephen’s parents at the airport. The weather really turned it on for them — Sunday was gorgeous. They helped us finish the box, then we had an impromptu training session to teach the boys how to go in and out of it. Jim was fabulous — he followed Stephen right in, ducking is head and everything. Oak and Pointer took a little more convincing. We put the ramp flat on the ground then and got Oak walking back and forth over it until he was bored with it. Pointer absolutely refused, though.

Finally, we put the ramp back up to the ute bed, led Oak in with minimal coaxing, and then bodily shoved Pointer up the ramp. Marty (the Camelid Dynamic trainer) would be so disappointed. Ah well. The point of all this was so that when we went to pick up Joy, she’d have company in the back of the truck on the way back to our place.

With the boys loaded, Stephen and his dad, Ken, climbed in the ute, with Stephen’s mom Cathy and I following behind in the Vitz. A stop to get gas in Tawa brought out some admirers, and we got plenty of stares on the motorway. Joy, at 2 and a half, hasn’t been handled much at all, so Stephen and Linda picked her up bodily and heaved her into the box, while I held the two boys. Then home again, home again.

The photos didn’t lie — Joy is a lovely dark red. Next to Oak and Pointer, she looks almost burgundy. In the yards, everybody had a good sniff, including Jim, who for his impertinence got a kick in the head that had him readjusting his jaw for the next five minutes. Galadriel we have moved from the Glen paddock into the dog run, as it was *still* a trial to catch her. Poor girl — it’s going to be a little while before she trusts us again. After gooping her eye and turning everybody else loose, it was off to Daawat for a yummy Indian dinner, and then to bed bed bed.

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  1. Rebecca had pinkeye a week ago. I feel your pain. There isn’t a whole lot of difference in trying to put stuff in a 2yr old’s eye:) Hope you are doing well!

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