Naughty Dog

So, now that we are on to weekdays, I am trying to work out my daily routine with the dog.

We have determined that he must have only been fed once a day before, for while he eats all his dinner, he only nibbles at breakfast (and what he does not eat goes away, as we are trying to follow the wolf-pack-feeding-hierarchy system).

Most of the day yesterday he was free to wander around the dining room, with the back-half of the house sealed off and full of cats. I left the living room slider open so the cats could come in and out. About lunchtime I came inside and found that Prince had discovered the joy of the couch.

Naughty Dog! We are supposed to train them to stay off the furniture, as we don’t know what the adopting home will want. So I would gently lift him off the couch while saying “Off!” And 20 minutes later, he would be back on the couch. But by the end of the day he had gotten the “off” command, which does bode well for his learning curve.

I had one close moment with the cats. Slow managed to slip into the dining room, and I had to tackle Prince as he made a lunge for him. Later that night we tried some crate training- where he was in a crate and we present cats. But that didn’t go so well, as the cats were so freaked it was kicking in his prey-drive.

We have had more success just leaving him in his crate, and letting the cats approach (or watch from a wary distance) on their own. Hopefully we can improve his cat safety level. We have another 27 days to go, so not rushing the process might help.

In other amusing animal news, last night Jake came to the living room slider and was standing up, pawing at the glass with a clear “hey! you seem to have left me outside!” So we let him in. After a bit of lap time, he curled up against the alpaca pillow. So we left him in for the night, which passed without incident. I am guessing by the time winter fully sets in, Jake will be an indoors cat every night. Sure, he loves the rough farm life. But cuddling up to a fluffy pillow afterwards, well, that is just his due, right?

2 thoughts on “Naughty Dog

  1. Jude says:

    Whee! The joys of dog training, and teaching old dogs new tricks.

    As a note, my parents only feed their dogs once a day. They’ve always done it this way. I don’t have any idea what would result if they did two feedings, but considering the mad-scientist-esque additions that go into each dog’s food, I certainly wouldn’t want to see them try! 🙂

  2. Angus says:

    One of my childhood joys was the fact that next door had a bunch of sheepdogs (country boy me). But not for the dogs. Oh no. For the big bulk sacks of _proper_ dog biscuits, with the black ones and the red ones and the green ones and the yellow ones… ideal snack food for hiking trips up the hill to connect fence wires together. Only the black ones and the red ones tasted good though. The green ones were a bit nasty and the yellow ones just tasteless.

    So there might be mad-scientist-esque additions in there, but by gum they tasted good back then (and didn’t do me any harm… as far as I know).

    The fence wires? Well, by bridging the gaps in the top wire whenever the fence turned a corner you create one very very very long wire. Connect to a radio… and boom, much better shortwave reception (maybe – I’m more than willing to believe it was a radio placebo…)

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