Monday Prince

Walks are getting better. He doesn’t like his turn-out muzzle, and usually tries to rub it off, but he knows that he needs it on before we go walkies, so now he comes up and shoves his head in whenever I present it. Then it takes a few seconds for him to calm down enough to let be actually *buckle* the thing. If I don’t go through a door/gate first, we just don’t go. So he’s learning to not push through, and that the walk goes where I say it goes. The Alpha leading the “hunt” is apparently a crucial point to get across when you don’t want your dog to chase animals outside. I think that’s going to be of limited utility with a dog hardwired to go ka-BAM after small running things, but it might help a bit.

As far as inside goes, we’ve established that, while he is in his crate at least, an oven-dried pig’s ear is more interesting than a cat. Well, until the cat panics and makes a break for it, anyway. I need to not try and rush this — the cats need time to get used to the idea, too.

As Stephen has observed, he’s figured out the sofa. I think the plan today is to put cardboard boxes or something uncomfortable on the couch when we’re not using it.

Finally, our info was out of date — he was neutered last week. He’d been kept intact as long as he had (7 is way past racing age) because he was being used as a stud. Some of the other hounds up for adoption are his kids.

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