How's Prince ?

So how’s Prince doing ? — He’s faboo. He *really* wants to be a good dog; he just needs us to explain clearly what good dogs do and don’t do. He knows good dogs stay out of the kitchen, and don’t try to dig under the cardboard box covering the cat food (good dogs understand “LEAVE IT!” in that and-I’m-not-kidding tone of voice). He knows good dogs don’t jump up, but when he’s really excited, he can’t hold it all in, so he sort of pogo-bounces on his front legs — SO cute. The best way to spend time is with is head in your lap and you rubbing his ears. The *absolute* best would be if he could lie on the sofa next to you, but since he’s not allowed on the sofa, he stands next to you with his head on your thigh. When you get the ear-scratch going just right, he lets out this contented little sigh.

The cats still reckon he’s evil, however, so to help with the cat training we took him over to Kylie’s place in Newtown, to introduce him to Rupert, AKA “His Satanic Majesty”, a cat that takes no shit. We walked him back and forth in front of the cat. The first couple times he diverted toward the cat (not *quite* a lunge) and was corrected with a “LEAVE IT!” and a sharp tug on the collar (inter-canine corrections often center on the neck, so this reinforces the command). By the third or fourth time past, you could see his little doggy brain studiously ignoring the cat. “What cat? I see no cat. Nope. Noooo cat.” He did so well, that Kylie agreed to keep him for a week to reinforce the training and bed it in. When we get him back, he’ll hopefully be much calmer about cats, so that we’ll be able to work him with *our* skittish felines. (Getting our cats dog-trained has turned out to be much the trickier task than getting Prince cat-trained…)

Good news: He has someone waiting to adopt him ! She has a cat, but she’s also had afghans before, so she understands how sighthounds work. Yay for Prince !

More good news: My mom’s friend Irene not only owns greyhounds, but has a business making stuff for them. She’s not only sent a box of goodies for Prince (lucky dog !), but she’s donating collars to GAP ! Go check out her pretties !

4 thoughts on “How's Prince ?

  1. Jude says:

    He sounds like such a sweetie. You make me miss dogs, you do.

    Did y’all feel the big quake?

  2. Tam says:

    Nah. Heard about it on the news this morning. One of the guys I commute with felt it, but he was on the second floor, on a couch on casters on a wooden floor.

    There was a factor 5 point something Monday morning that was closer and shallower & we felt *that* one. Woke us up, but by the time I was awake enough to wonder if I was going to have to haul myself out of bed and under a door frame, it was over.

  3. Beth says:

    Now I am wondering who else would obey “LEAVE IT!!!” because I am evil like that 😉

  4. Tam says:

    I imagine a lot of people/animals would, if it were delivered in that special Stewart-shouting-at-his-dogs tone of voice. I know I would.

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