The Week Continues

So I think I got as far as Tuesday. Tuesday night, we left the game early to come home and meet Andy, who was coming up from Dunedin. Why ? Well in part, he had some alpacas to deliver over the Hill, and in part, he was driving up to Auckland to pick up a pair of guanacos. They were from a petting zoo, “surplus to requirements”, and Stephen and I had actually been watching them on TradeMe. We thought and thought, but we just couldn’t justify buying a pair of guanacos. Then we got a call from Andy, who needed a place to crash because he’d just bought this pair of guanacos off TradeMe… Hee !

Andy actually beat us to the house by about two minutes — the hitch was that coming up the driveway, he’d swerved to avoid hitting what he thought was one of our cats (but which was probably in actuality one of the massive local hares), and put the two left wheels of his van into the drain (that taking the form of a narrow ditch that runs along the side of the driveway). We unloaded the alpacas in the dark and got them situated in the yards, then Stephen and Andy tried getting the van unstuck by putting some fenceposts into the ditch downhill of the trapped wheels, the theory being that Andy could back the van up onto the fenceposts, and thence back onto the driveway. The first part sort of worked, but fearing for the clutch on the van, they took the better part of valor and left it where it was for the night (our car we parked on the grass down under the elms).

Wednesday, our neighbor Stewart brought his tractor over and pulled the van out so Andy could get on his way to Auckland. It’s handy having friends with tractors.

At work, it was the last day of New Zealand Music Month, and the waiata group I’d joined had a lunchtime performance on the mezzanine of the library. “Waiata” is Maori for “song” or “singing”, and we’d been having little coffee break get togethers to learn some songs, the Council group together with the Library group. Ostensibly, we would perform some of them whenever the Council needed us to, for instance at powhiris (formal greetings) for official visitors, or at new employee orientations, etc. One of the library women thought it would be appropriate to do a short performance for NZ Music Month, and so we did. It was fun. I love the way they all harmonize so freely. One of the guys is a professionally trained opera singer, and has a beautiful voice, and for the performance we had a couple other guys playing traditional instruments, conch shells and carved flutes and the like (one had the coolest full-face moko).

Wednesday evening, A&S was cancelled, so we had a nice quiet evening at home.

Thursday was dance class, and getting home to help Andy unload the guanacos. They’re a breeding pair & while the male is tame enough to eat out of your hand, the female is pretty much wild. We got them situated in the dark, with the male in the dog run and the female in the yard just outside it.

Friday morning, oops ! The female had jumped the fence in the night and was nowhere to be found — at least, not in the pre-dawn pitch black. I kept an eye out for her as I drove to the train station, and we made plans for how the search would progress once it was light out. Luckily, she’d only just gone into the adjacent glen paddock. Letting our female alpacas in with her seemed to calm her a bit, although the male has been wearing out a track along the inside of the dog run fence. Andy took the three females he’d brought with him over to their destination in the Wairarapa.

It’s Saturday now, and I’m flobbing at home while Stephen is off gaming and Andy is at a dog show in Porirua (his neighbors from down south are up showing their samoyeds). Tonight, we’re off to dinner at Andy’s friend’s place.

This weekend — which is a long weekend for Queen’s Birthday — should be a bit more settled than last weekend. Fingers crossed !

2 thoughts on “The Week Continues

  1. name Joel says:

    Been reading a little of your blog. One thing to say, you guys are always on the move. Good for you.

    Tammara, I want to establish video and voice communication on the Web so you and Carol can talk and see each other at the same time. I know she would really enjoy this. We have DSL which is l.5mbps on the download not quite as fast on the upload, but I think it is fast enough that you guys could see each other ok. I will look into getting the right cameras and cards to get this going on our side if you think you can get it going on yours. Your mom said you had DSL now. If you are on dial-up, I don’t think it would work. Let me know what you think. I would like to get this up for her birthday if it is possible. Take care. Joel

  2. name Joel says:

    When I sent the message, I realized the email address was not correct. It’s [edited -T.]

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