The Tank comes rolling in

And no, I am not talking about world events. I am talking about the new Greyhound. Tank was supposed to be with Kylie for 2 weeks, then with us for 2 weeks, but after the first weekend Kylie asked if we could take him. No problmes with her cat (Rupert the Devil Cat, who is a wonderful animals to teach dogs that cats are Not To Be Messed With), it was a problem with one of her dogs. Seems Tank is a very dominant dog. Not aggressive, just dominant. Her little alpha dog was not having a good time with Tank around, so we took him Monday night.

We wonder if Tank got his name due to his size (biggest Greyhound we have seen), or due to his occasionally relentless nature.

He is great with the cats, and is learning obedience quickly. He is already much better about not pulling on the leash, and may even learn to stay off the couch (at least when a Human is watching).

In other news it looks like the rain is back, and the rest of the week will be rather damp. Guess I will get time to write some of those reports I promised earlier.

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