Crazy September

The mad month continues to march forward.

On Saturday we spent all day in a dress rehersal for the Two Sisters, which plays next Saturday. The day was chaotic and noisy, but I think good progress was made. The technical/stage directions were finalized, so that can now get passed onto the sound and light people.

Sunday we had a SCA day-o-fun. This had been scheduled some months ago, before we realized what a madhouse September would be. The weather was perfect, and about 18 people attended. While no heavy list fighting happened (few people brought armor), there was archery, some test combat archery, and fencing. We also played with a sword. Steve had discovered the joy of doing test-cuts with a sharp steel sword on plastic coke and milk bottles full of water. I am very glad I had not taken away the recycling for many weeks. I dug out my steel katana, and the fun began. When we were done 10 bags of plastic bottle had been choped into small pieces, small enough that the “corpses” could be repacked into 5 plastic bags. Almost everyone got a chance to take a swing, it was very fun. You learn a great deal more about technique when using a real sword. I will have to start accumulating more bottles in time for our next event.

Now a new week begins. More rhododendrons to move, more gorse to spray. And in the evenings more rehersals for the Two Sisters, of course. We will be very glad to get through the play and get some free time back.

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