Jake Update

Just talked to the vet. She examined the wound after the swelling went down. The joint where the paw meets the leg is pretty much blown, all the ligaments are torn away.

The options came down to:
–Transferring him to Massey (big vet school/hospital 2 hours north of here) to attempt to reconstruct the joint and set the bone, which might or might not save the leg, and might result in arthritis down the track in the affected joint.
–Amputation at the scapula.
He is now having his leg taken off. He will be in the hospital for the next few days. Hopefully he can come home around Monday or so.

The good news is that cats can do well on 3 legs, and he is young and fit and will hopefully recover well.

The vet will try to retreive the metal fragents from the amputated leg, so we can get a better idea of what hit him. Then it is time to canvas the neighbors, and maybe call the SPCA.

4 thoughts on “Jake Update

  1. beth says:

    oh no! poor Jake. and poor you!


    (((Stephen & Tamara)))

  2. Holly says:

    :(!!!! But that does sound like the right decision. I don’t know about front legs as much, but — well, you guys weren’t around for Maura’s Theo having to have her back leg amputated because of that same kind of tumor that got Keiko. Theo’s still going strong now 4 years later, feisty as ever and very well-adapted. I have no doubt Jake will adapt too. But still! 🙁 Give him lots of cuddles for me.

  3. Emily says:

    Yow. Amputation does sound like the best decision. Will send good kitty vibes.

  4. Jude says:

    GAH. Poor Jake. I knew a tripod kitty in Richmond, and he did wonderfully, but it makes me so angry that you and he have to go through this!

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