New blog site

Welcome to the new blog site! I’ve found a new host (WebBase), installed new, functional blog software (WordPress), and moved all of the old posts, photos and comments over from the old site. Go me ! I’m the man !

Eventually, I’ll find a functional theme (the graphics and layout and stuff) that I like, and maybe some time after that I’ll get into PHP and make my own theme, but until then we’re stuck with this sort of boring default. Hey, at least it *works*.

BONUS: if you’re one of the poor schmucks that got caught up in the spam filters at the old place, and haven’t been able to comment, you should be good to go here. It might give you a message “waiting for moderation” or some such the first time you comment, but once Stephen and I tick the box to let you through, you shouldn’t have any troubles with it.

Wheee !

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