Rollercoaster Day

When I woke up yesterday I was pretty sure Floppete was done for. The trip to the vet really helped. Now she is up to the status of “normal premature baby”, which menas all we need to worry about is the normal problems- infection, constipation, scours, body temperature, etc. So, not out of the woods, but progress.

Too add to the drama of esterday (as if we needed more!) Galadriel went into labor late in the afternoon, and at 8:45PM dropped a little brown baby girl! (normally late-day labors are a “call the vet”, but she did this last year too)

What a day!

3 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Day

  1. Tam says:

    Yes, what a day. What Stephen has failed to mention is that it was also his birthday yesterday.

  2. Melissa says:


    I’m glad Flopette seems to be doing better today. Let me know if you need a hand during the day (or anytime).

    Any YAY on another girl! It’s the year of the girl 🙂

    *hugs* to you both.

  3. MJ says:

    Happy birthday Stephen! (It is still the 18 here, so I am not late.)

    Good luck with all the crias.
    I think it is a generally bad year for large groups of animals – here it is one wallaby problem after the other (we have 30-odd red-necked wallabies). But the curse is bound to break soon.

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