with the downs

…come the ups. We want to take a moment out of our shell-shockedness here to bless Galadriel for the completely trouble-free birth of an adorable brown girl, who was up and feeding on her own within an hour of birth, and is already gamboling around the paddock, the absolute picture of health (touch wood).

Surreptitious butt sniff Zamba Zaraa

Once again, Galadriel waited until after dark to deliver another little girl who heard owls in her first hour of life and got her first drink by moonlight — but at least this time she dropped the baby at 9pm instead of 11:45, so we got a wee bit more sleep.

2 thoughts on “with the downs

  1. beth says:

    she has her mother’s eyes! and the other cria sniffing her butt is especially cute.

  2. beth says:

    P.S. also, belated felicitations on your birthday, Stephen.

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