I had the camera

So I took some more pics. And I had to post the one on the left, because the cute level is unusually high. The one on the right is just an interesting composition — Nazani and her half-brother Brocket — with the nice afternoon light we get this time of year.

Brocket Nazani and Brocket

And this is Pebbles, whom we are looking after until she has her cria. She’s an appaloosa. Did you know alpacas come in appaloosa ? I think she looks like a giraffe.

Pebbles Pebbles, in profile

3 thoughts on “I had the camera

  1. beth says:

    Pebbles *does* look like a giraffe!

    and Brocket has such a sweet face. how are the other cria doing — has Enfield gained weight? is Chupa’s gimpy foot better?

  2. mom says:

    too cute!!! thanks for the pics

  3. Tam says:

    Enfield is getting fatter, yes. Chupa is still limping. She’s still plenty perky, though. I had a look in the paddock the other day, and still could see any sign of injury, but we’ll probably try to get a closer look some time this weekend. My current theory is a sprained, maybe broken toe. She didn’t mind me messing with her knee or ankle, but started wiggling when I stuck my finger between her toes (to check for cuts or thorns).

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