Just in time

This was a weekend of timely events.

Friday Dave (our builder) had two extra fellows how up, and with a surge of work the six of us managed to get the steel roof on the conservatory. Some bits will need to be redone today so we can fit the skylights, but the work made it basically weather-proof.

Saturday the rains came! Finally! And luckily, they started off very slow and gentle, so the ground had a chance to soak it up. We got about 60mm of rain on Saturday, and more on Sunday. The stream rose a little, but not too much, which means it was mostly soaking in. This is just in time, as it means we now can get some good autumn growth before winter sets in.

Sunday afternoon A1 decided that the time was right (the rain stopped for a few hours), and she dropped a little baby girl! She was pretty clearly offended and horrified by the whole birthing process (this was her first), and we ended up giving a little tug to help the baby out. At 8.8kg it was a quite a big first baby. They spent the night in the shed as more rain was predicted, and seem to be doing well. The crias hind legs have a bit of asymetry (the right leg sticks out a bit, so she leans left)- I am hoping that is just tight/loose tendons, and that she will straighten out in the next few days.

Quite a weekend! Now if only it had been restful…

3 thoughts on “Just in time

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    At last the girls are coming! and we were glad that the rains finally came!

  2. beth says:

    8.8 kg?! oof. the baby daddy owes her a really nice “push present” after that one.

    and yay! for another girl (what are you going to call her, Leviathan? I mean, 8.8 kg?!)

  3. mom says:

    Do we get to see pics of the conservatory being built?

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