Return of Pharmacopi-cat

Slow Top had a vet appointment on Wednesday. For the last 2 years or so he has been in slow but steady decline. Every time he was weighed, he had lost another 100-150 grams. His eyes were a bit sunken, his coat was getting scruffy, and he was sleeping lots. Between the host of drugs, the new food (switched from Friskies to Iams) and the warm summer weather, he has staged an amazing turn-around. Tam and I had been commenting in the days before the appointment that “it was like the clock had been turned back a few years.”

Indeed it had! In 10 weeks he had gained 900 grams! He is now just over 5 kg, and he has not weighed that much in more than 2 years. He is looking better, and acting much perkier. Many of the old (occasionally annoying) habits are back including demanding to drink out of the sink, and trying to wake us up early so he can get his “special treat” (the jellymeat that conceals his morning pills).

I don’t know if this will extend his life span, but it has ceertainly improved his quality of life immensly, and that really makes it all worth it.

And for those of you back in the US who know Rasputin- would you believe he has become a total lap cat? And a spanking slut. It is all so very wrong. I don’t know if we should blame Bill or karl for the spanking fetish.

2 thoughts on “Return of Pharmacopi-cat

  1. Bill says:

    Oh, the spanking is my fault, although I blame my sister Peggy who started it.

    I’m glad to hear Toe Slop is improving.

  2. beth says:

    yay for perky Slow cat!!!

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