Yesterday we had a break in the seemingly-endless October rain. This was good, as I had arranged to take some camelids across the road, at the request of a neighbour (Dani). The back story is that her daughter is taking Japanese in high school and had done a trip to Japan back in April. Now a group of about 20 Japanese high school students from Osaka were visiting, and Dani was having them up to their block for the day to see critters (they have horses and sheep).

I arrived with Hob and Durendal.

True to all the stereotypes, the (tiny) Japanese schoolgirls shouted “kawaii!” (“cute!”), and all had their photos taken while making little “V” signs with their fingers. Very amusing.

Durendal, once again, did very well with the crowd. I don’t know if he *likes* it, but he does a good job at enduring it all while keeping his ears up, tail down, and no humming. Hob was doing his usual careful sidesteps to prevent unwanted touching. He is a funny llama.

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