Quite a large amount of rain

Five inches of rain in 12 hours (with about half of that in one hour) was dramatic:

It actually peaked a bit higher than even this:


Takapu flood May 2015

The water is wide

The next day, when the waters came down a bit:


Takapu flood May 2015

This fence held, fortunately.

A 18cm (7 inch) banded kokopu Stephen caught (with his bare hands) in a neighbor’s driveway (which had become a river due to a blocked drain).  We figured fish ought not to be crossing roads — at least not by swimming over them, so we plonked it into the stream proper.

Banded Kokopu

Gone fishin’ on Takapu Road. Yes, ON the road…

The force of the water stripped the surface right off the road on places.

Damaged road surface

Bit of a mess, that.

There were several power poles down where the stream had eaten the ground out from around them.  A few hours later, this scene was littered with trucks and cranes re-siting the poles into the paddock on the other side of the stream.  Power was only out for 24 hours.

Takapu flood May 2015

That would be why the power went out, then.

The industrial area at the bottom of the valley was also hit pretty hard.  Warehouses were awash and stuff was tossed every which way.  Up in Porirua whole cars were floated away.

Shipping container washed over a bridge

Downstream, there was just more and more water.

There were massive logs jammed up against the water main.  Our neighbors found two of their bridges several culverts down stream. Driveways were washed out, and fences have been pulled down all up and down the valley.  We have some fences to replace, and repairs to do to the protective works on either side of our bridge, but all in all we came out of it a lot better than most.

One thought on “Quite a large amount of rain

  1. carol hamilton says:

    That sure was a mess of rain and quite a bit of damages. Glad things started to get back to normal sooner than later

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