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Dance practice last night went fine. We practiced five dances and only had three injuries, which I reckon is a net victory. For those of you who are *not* Medieval re-creationists, Medieval dances were pretty much about flirting and gossiping, both of which are of course easier, the easier the dance is. Most of the dances we practiced were called “bransles”, which is apparently pronounced “brawls” — proof that the English do have a sense of humor, or at least irony, since most of them consisted of little more than walking sideways. The second-to-last one we did was not a bransle, but was closer to a brawl, in that it involved body-checking (okay, well, Stephen got a bit carried away), and a certain amount of Peril (running in socks on a smooth floor).

What else ?

— Watched the extended Return of the King. I liked some of the new stuff, thought some of the new stuff probably ought to have been left out after all, and was baffled by the order that some of the new stuff was cut in. It should be noted at this point that for the last three years, a lot of Kiwis have spent Xmas afternoon at the theatre watching the new Lord of the Rings movie — three years being enough repetition to effectively create a Tradition. They’re a bit mopey and at loose ends this year.

— Stephen and I have been playing La Pucelle Tactics, in which cute little kids beat up cute little “demons” in the name of The Maiden of Light. We’re currently fighting dragon mushrooms with the aid of a flying pirate ship crewed by kittens. I’ve been watching anime and playing Playstation games so long, that I’ve lost the ability to notice how deeply weird the Japanese are.

— Our anime-night crew expanded to 5 (plus us) to watch the first disk of Cowboy BeBop, meaning that I’ve finally realized that the singsong “Evergreen” song on the still-a-mystery Pensive Mix 2003 disk is, in fact, what’s playing while Spike enjoys his endless slo-mo defenestration.

— In ‘paca-land, we got to hear first Jim, and then Cariboo, alarm call ! They actually sound kinda like seagulls. It was neat, if baffling. You know how you’ll be walking along a street and pass someone who’s staring up a building at something, and then everyone has to stop and stare to try and figure out what the first guy was looking at ? That was us and Jim. Never did figure it out.

2 thoughts on “What else we've been up to

  1. Chris Page says:

    So, what was the name of the next-to-last one?

  2. Tam says:

    I *think* it was “Jenny Plucks Pears” or something like that. The body-checking was, as I mentioned, an impromptu addition by Stephen, and I suspect the skittering around in stocking feet was meant to be a bit more decorous than our interpretation.

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