Cultural Things

A little tidbit I noticed on my trip north 2 weeks ago, but forgot to mention. The airport in Kerikeri was quite small. Quite. Small. It had, as near as I can tell, 2 staff members. The plane refueled from a conventional gas pump with an extra-long hose. While waiting for my plane out a NZ Navy helicopter (one of 2 total in the whole navy?) landed, taxied over, and parked, so the crew could come into the little terminal for a coffee break!

In such a small place, there is no food service. But they had a drinks-vending machine. And they had a rack full of snacks, with posted prices, and an “honesty box” where you could pay. I think it says good things about a society when you can do food sales using an honesty box.

In other news, Tam had her big performance in the “Feet with Heat- dance your socks off” show this weekend. Our dance troupe was invted to do a few numbers (quite an honor, this is a big yearly all-styles dance show). The troupe had a big group number they wanted to do, as it had worked so well at the Yalla! show a few months ago, but the lead person was missing, so Beverly asked Tam to fill in. It apparently all went well, and afterwards they all went out to a new moorish-decorated bar/restaurant that just opened downtown. To the great delight of the Turkish owners, who suddenly had a bunch of happy, excited women in costume dancing away in the place.

On Sunday we had our first War Practive out at our place. We had 4 heavy fighters, 2 combat archers and a javelin thrower running around in the Gallop Paddock, running various practice scenarios. A really good time was had by all. Hopefully we will do this monthly, and by Cantebury Faire in Februrary we should actually be pretty good as a unit. That would be fun. Sarah and JoAnne got a surprise, and quite a laugh, when they came over the hill to collect their horses, and found the paddock full of silly people running around and clubbing each other with sticks! Added a touch or surrealality to their day.

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