Cooling down, warming up

So, we survived. Last Saturday we had the sole performance of The Two Sisters. It went well. The technical dress rehersal was a bit of a dogs breakfast, but the show itself went with only a few minor glitches. And only one glitch, a missed “start the music now cue” would have been easily noticed by the audience.

We only had 85 people in the audience, which was a bit of a disappointment. I think it did not help that we were competing against WoW which had just started. Nor did it help that we were all so busy getting ready for the performance, that we didn’t really get to market it as much as we woud have liked.

We are talking about doing it again, and maybe taking it on the road to the nearby cities of Palmerston North and Masterton, both of which are about 2 hours away. That could be fun. I do think it is a much better piece than our first version, 2.5 years ago. Really great costumes, a tighter story, more logical stage directions, and some very helpful cast changes.

With that major project now behind us we are enjoy the warming weather of spring. Cria should start dropping in only 3 weeks. We are very excited, and more than a bit impatient!

When we get digital photos from our friends of the performance and costumes, we will post them. The evil trees were my favorite.

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