Interesting people

One nice thing about The Two Sisters is it gave us a chance to get to know some of the people who we would see in Bellydance class, but otherwise never really talked to.

MJ, who played one of the Mermaids, is a fellow North American. She is here on a 9 month contract (though we can hope she will fall in love with the place and decide to stay) working as a vet at the Wellingon zoo. Beingt a zoo vet is quite a challenge, as most of the critters you deal with a complete medical mysteries. Fun!

Janjo, who played the younger sister, is also quite a cool person. As we had a dance duet, I got to spend plenty of time with her (picture the two of us standing there going “well, now what?” “I don’t know…”). I was quite surprised to find out English was not her first language. Her first language (note that I don’t say native language) was– wait for it– Esperanto. Apparently she is a third generation speaker. Now that is a seriously wacky family!

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