A bit of drama

Yesterday afternoon I was giving Tam a ride home from work. I’d popped into town for my regular plasma donation, which has to be done down at the hospital complex, and I time the donation so I can just pick Tam up and we go straight home.

Heading north on SH1 a car about 100m ahead of us flipped over!

In the ‘good timing’ department I’d just had a first-aid refresher course on Saturday.

Multiple other drivers stopped, and by the time I got to the car two other guys were already working on yanking open the drivers-side door. The three of us got the single occupant out, and away from the car. (She was really afraid of the car exploding, which is nearly impossible, but we were doing what we could to calm and comfort her.)

One guy had a big first aid kit with him, but we couldn’t find any gloves. There was a fair bit of blood from the laceration on her hand. Thankfully Tam had a nitrile glove pack in her bag.

Other people who had stopped were helping to manage the scene and direct traffic. An off-duty St John’s guy stopped, too, which was very helpful.

Emergency services were there very quickly. I expect the driver will be okay, hopefully not more that a couple of stitches.

I’m glad we could be there to help. It’s good to see so many people stopping to render assistance, and to render assistance well.

Flipping a car on one of the two main highways out of Wellington at 4:30 did bugger up traffic for the evening rush hour, though.

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