Introducing Ziggy

New llama arrived Friday morning!  Meet Ziggy:

Ziggy the llama

Ziggy, with Hob in the background.

A closeup of Ziggy the llama


He has one light blue eye and one dark blue eye.  Guess how he got his name? (No, we didn’t name him.)  He impressed us with his general grooviness when we met him back in May.  Stephen’s already taken him through Tawa.



3 thoughts on “Introducing Ziggy

  1. carol hamilton says:

    Cute. Hope Ziggy and Hob get along

  2. Mom and Dad says:

    Stephen, your cousin Sherry named her “one and only” kid Ziggy. I think the name fits an alpaca better.

  3. Jennifer in NC says:

    Ziggy and Hob update? How are they getting along?

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